PHONE:  330-482-9448 

Our Services

  • Leaf removal, weed control and general landscaping
  • Hedge and tree trimming; shrub, tree, and ground cover pruning and fertilizing.
  • Lawn care programs and plant care programs that covers insect and disease control including, herbicide and pesticide applications.
  • Plant bed maintenance; annual flower, bulb and perennial planting, general clean-up for flower beds, grass care and more.

    ADDITIONALLY we provide:
  • Installation of new lawns and sprinkler systems.
  • Planting of new bushes, shrubs, hedges, flowers and flower beds.
  • Tree installation, pruning, and tree removal.
  • Installation and design of patios, driveways, walkways using brick, stone, concrete and featuring UNILOCK Pavers
  • Installation and design of water gardens, ponds and waterfalls.
  • Garden design and garden architecture; landscape design and landscape architecture.
  • And for residential applications: General front yard landscaping, landscape design and backyard landscaping, landscape design 
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